I am currently an entomologist at Google X working on confidential projects in planetary health.

Prior to my work at Google X, I was in Dr. Greg Loeb’s lab at Cornell AgriTech developing new semiochemical monitoring tools for spotted wing drosophila.

I hold a PhD in entomology from Dr. Jennifer Thaler’s Lab at Cornell University.  My dissertation focused on the chemical ecology of plants, herbivores, and predators. In this tri-trophic system, I was particularly interested in how chemical cues from a predator mediate interactions between their prey and the prey’s host plant. The goal of my research was to develop new management options that target the sensory systems of agricultural pests and reduce reliance on conventional insecticides. During this endeavor, I discovered fascinating interactions where the same chemical compounds affected the behavior of insects and plants.

While I was working towards my PhD I founded IONTIK, a semiochemical innovation lab, which sells tools to monitor semiochemicals and provides consulting services.

Prior to coming to Cornell, I received an MS degree working with Dr. Richard Hofstetter at Northern Arizona University, where I studied bark beetle acoustic and chemical  communication and behavior.

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